Vrijdag 23:15 - 00:00: Manora

Symphonic metal from the Netherlands

Manora originated several years ago when guitarist Ivo Visser and keyboardplayer Arthur Stok started writing their own songs. After several lineup changes Manora found a steady lineup at the end of 2016, with Tijn Scholtze on drums, Tomasz Kisielewicz on bassguitar and vocalist Mirte van der Ham.

With this lineup, the whole process accelerated which led to the release of Manora's first EP “Dreamshapes”, ready to unleash to the world on September 1st.

Manora is a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands. Their sound is characterized by clean vocals and catchy synth melodies, while still maintaining a metal foundation which is accounted for by B-tuned guitars and bass backed up by pounding drums.